Sunday, January 24, 2010

2nd Request For Prayer

Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for all of your prayers.  The last three weeks have been very eventful for all of us.  My father was diagnosed on Wed. Dec. 30th and decided to go home for the holiday.  His two sisters came into town on that Friday and we all spent the weekend together.  At times, if we didn't think about our circumstances too much, it was almost as if we were just spending time together for Christmas.  It was wonderful.
My father returned to the hospital on Tues., Jan. 4 and by Thurs., he started his chemotherapy treatment.  The treatment consisted of 7 days of a continuous drip of chemo through an IV.  The doctor told us to expect his white blood cell count, red blood cells, and platelets to decrease drastically after the 7 days.  At this point, his body will be unable to fight any kind of sickness or infection until his body begins regenerating.  This is considered the riskiest point of his treatment. 
Today marks the 9th day after the chemo has ended and he is having a number of complications.  He has an obstruction in his intestines which is keeping him from passing fluid or gas.  As a result, he is being fed intraveneously, which also causes difficulties.  Please pray for his body that the obstruction will be worked out on it's own and for the tremendous pressure his body is going through from all of the treatment. He has been battling high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, bloating...daily it seems like something new.  Also pray for his white blood cell count to begin to grow as there is not much the doctors can do until that number increases.
Despite all of the discomforts, my father is still desiring to get through this.  My mother has been living at the hospital with him and does not plan to leave his side.  They are both clinging to the Lord and looking to Him for daily sustenance, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  My mother tells me of how together they read the bible daily.  I am humbled and blessed at my father's courage to fight this battle against cancer and my mother's unwavering devotion and care for her husband.  In the face of this tremendous trial in our lives, I must say that the Lord is proving Himself mighty. 

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