Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY:: Pineapple Tree Centerpiece


4 Pineapples
6 Wooden skewers
6 Palm fronds
1 Tray or plate


1. Cut the top and bottom ends of 3 of the pineapple and cutting only the bottom end of one of the pineapples
2.  Place the first pineapple on your plate making sure that the plate is sturdy
3.  Stick 3 skewers into the pineapple
4. Slide the second pineapple over the skewers
5. Stick 3 more skewers into the pineapples
6.  Continue to add more pineapples, placing the final pineapple that only had one side sliced at the very top
7.  Trim the palm fronds to be proportional to the tree
8.  Stick the ends of the palm fronds into the pineapple

Place your choice of fruit around the tree!  We put grapes around ours and used it to decorate our food table. 

 Dressed up our food table nicely!

It was a nice touch to our friend's 40th Cuban Surprise Party.

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