Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning About Paint

Another area of unchartered territory for me is in paint.  Perusing through blogs and magazines, I often admire the use of color that so many talented designers have utilized to bring into their works of art.  Being an apartment tenant, I do not have the liberty to paint my walls, so I am given the challenge of bringing color into my home using other means. 

I went into Home Depot the other day and picked the brain of the helpful store associate in charged of the paint section.  I learned so many things!  I picked up the two sample colors that you see below and another that I had them mix from a color swatch that I brought with me. 

Dark Granite

New postings to follow as I figure out how to incorporate these new colors into my home.... 

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  1. Good Morning friend, I look forward to painting with you on the 19th. I enjoyed reading your fun and beautiful words here. God Bless, Wes