Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Backyard Renovation

Every time the Admiral and I travel to Cambria, we try to figure out what we could do to actually live there.  How would we make a living, where would we live, what school would the kids go to...  The four hour drive for us is pure bliss as we enjoy the ocean views and the rolling hills covered with grazing cattle.  It somehow makes you want to dream.

For now it is just a dream, but in the meantime, I try to bring back a little reminder of our wonderful time there.  This time I brought back a couple varieties of thyme and two beautifully colored varieties of nemesia that I have never been able to find around these parts.  Leaving such a glorious place becomes much easier because I know that I will have something fun to do when I get home. 

There is no picture of our backyard area before it was renovated.  It would've been a great before and after comparison.  The main problem was that the supports on the planters were weakening and the dirt was coming down becoming extremely unsafe to do any gardening.  Also, the soil was not soaking any water into the ground so planting anything back there was impossible because the new plantings could never get enough moisture.  We were just left with landslides coming down the side of the concrete. 

The landscaper did such a wonderful job for us.  We are very excited to get started with some planting back there.  I'm thinking that we will delight in making it an edible garden by planting veggies, fruits and herbs.  Items that I could use in my cooking.

I will keep you updated on what we decide to put back there...

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