Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bringing Her Food From Afar - Chicken Salad Sandwich

Looked so good that I took a bite before I could take a picture!

Shred that leftover rotisserie chicken from previous meal.  (About 2 C)

Chop up any fresh herb you may have in your refridgerator or any dry herb you may have in your pantry.  This a lemon thyme that I have growing in the garden.  (A few sprigs fresh or 3/4 tbsp dry)

Mayo (To your own liking.  I like lots of mayo so I put about 1/2 C)

Chopped green onion (2 Tbsp)

Dried cranberries.  Or any other dried or fresh fruit: grapes, chopped apples, raisins, strawberries.  (1/3 C)

Seasoning salt (To taste) and I also added curry powder (1 tsp)

Mix it all together and enjoy on your favorite bread.  We had it with salad and Red Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato soup.  Enjoy!

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