Sunday, February 27, 2011

Delighting in 7 Years of Marriage

Early in the morning as the sun is coming over the hills in Cambria
The number one characteristic that attracted me to my husband was his love for God.  Number two was his ability to organize, administrate and execute an event.  From afar, I appreciated his talent for looking at the big picture and helping others take part in the overall goal.  That is, until we got married and he started to organize and administrate me.  And you know what they say...those qualities that seemed so attractive to a person before they got married are the very attributes that cause challenges once married.  I have affectionately given him the nickname "the Admiral", because he runs a tight ship.  I have not always been quick to yield to the overall picture that my husband has attempted to convey to me.  I must say, however, looking back at the last seven years, that his giftings have benefited our family in ways that have exceeded any hopes or expectations that I may have ever had about life.  

We had some time to reflect on our years together during a little getaway that we took earlier this week to celebrate our anniversary.  We came to the little town of Cambria, which is on the central coast of California. It is the perfect combination for us as I love the sea and he loves the mountains.  The first time we came was for our second anniversary and we have made every attempt to come back every year.  Although it is a small town, we have never ceased to find something new and different to do.  Our newest adventure was driving down the Santa Rosa Creek Road.  We beheld the beauty of God's creation through the views and the different animals we encountered. 

We enjoy viewing the elephant seals, shopping around in the little shops of the downtown area, going for a stroll on the boardwalk on Moonstone Beach, eating at the many restaurants, whale watching, meeting the locals, and visiting the local nurseries.  In the past we have toured Hearst Castle and made a day trip to Big Sur. 
Out of the many places we have stayed, our favorite is the Cambria Pines Lodge. You can find their website by clicking here and on the left side you can click on "Join our Mailing List" to receive their specials throughout the year.  They will send you specials to all of their Moonstone Properties in Cambria,  Monterrey, Carmel and Oregon.  
Cambria Pines Lodge
This time we even enjoyed live music in their Fireside Lounge.  Of course, before I leave, I have to bring a few little things to remind me of Cambria throughout the year, so I make a stop at the Cambria Pines Nursery.  I will be blogging about my little lovelies that I got there when I write about our backyard redo. 

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