Sunday, November 13, 2011

Delighting in 36 Years of Life Together

My Dad and Mom have an incredible love story.  They were both born into severely underprivileged childhoods.  They completely understand one another when they talk about the loneliness of being separated from your parents at an early age and being left to fend for yourself.  In fact, that is what has been the adhesive that keeps them together.  They became their first stable family when they married each other.  They have had their share of difficult seasons throughout their marriage, but my Mom has always looked to the Lord to help her serve my Dad through the most trying of circumstances.  This August they celebrated 36th years of marriage, and we were able to have a sweet celebration with close friends and family.

I had the privilege of emceeing the event.  It was such a blessing to talk about the wonderful memories I have of seeing my parents enjoying their marriage.  My Mom always told me that Friday nights were off limits for babysitting my kids because that is when they were going to have their date night.  They always dressed up to eat dinner out and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company..  Still my Mom tells me that my Dad will make a pot of coffee at 10pm and spend the night talking until 2am.  Their marriage has always been an awesome example to my siblings and I. 

And what celebration would be complete without the music of the Gutierrez Brothers?  They didn't know this but they make an appearance every night at my parents' house during dinner because my Mom plays their CDs.  They were so great to accommodate us by playing for my siblings and I while we sang the song You Raise Me Up to my parents.

Through my Dad's illness, I am learning that we need to take every day the God's gives us and celebrate it.  These times of joy get us through the times of difficulty.

All the memories of the night were captured by Katie at the Rock Studio Photography  and the photos featured on her blog.

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