Friday, February 28, 2014

10 Years

It rains very little in Southern California, but 10 years ago, we managed to get married on the rainiest day of the year.  Although it was challenging for our photographer, it made for a very romantic honeymoon  :)

10 years later, we managed to find ourselves in the biggest storm of the year!  We were, however,  able to enjoy the sunset on the first night of our stay.

We will have to come back to enjoy the beach another time :) 

This is the very same bluff where I said yes to his proposal.  
The scenery may look untouched but much transformation has occurred within the two of us.  Not just more wrinkles around the eyes or thinning of the hair, but a real appreciation for one another.  Life has brought us added responsibilities, loss of a parent, little hearts to shepherd...circumstances that have challenged us to truly get to know one another for who we really are good or bad.  And we hold each other close on this bluff and the smiles on our faces don't show two people who are giddy to start something new together, but one unit who are living life and loving one another.  Love you Mi Amor!