Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oversized Glasses, Outlandish Hairstyles and Back-up Dancers

I put so much garlic in my dinner last night that it is oozing from my body this morning.  I guess I was trying a little too hard while making dinner for my friend who I have know since the eighth grade.  We were laughing so hard as we recounted memories of ourselves with over sized glasses and outlandish hairstyles.  We caught up on all our friends and family.  Who she still sees, who I still see, what our siblings are up to... 

Ever since I could remember, her brother and sister were constantly being whisked away to dance class.  It paid off for her brother, as he has gone on tour after tour as a back-up dancer.  He has danced with Brittany Spears, Aaron Carter, and several other popstars.  His latest tour is with a Latin pop artist who has been touring all over the United States. 

Stacey's brother is on the far left.

Over the last few months, Stacey has felt the Lord prompting her to have a talk with her brother about his lifestyle and his need for Jesus.  After waking from a terrible dream about him, she wrote him a heartfelt letter that was definitely guided by the Lord.  To her surprise, he was responsive and will be coming to church with her this Wednesday night. 

After hearing Stacey's story, it made me think that the Lord wants to use us in the lives of those we know and love in a mighty way.  If we are open and receptive to his prompting, He could be moving us that way as well.  My prayer for him is that he would see something that attracts him to seek Christ and that it would leave him unsettled as he returns to finish out the tour.

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