Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bringing Her Food From Afar...Pizza

I always forget about how easy and how satisfying it is to have homemade pizza for dinner.  The problem for me is that I never seemed to have the right ingredients around and making pizza dough seemed very overwhelming.  Until a friend of mine turned  me on to Fresh and Easy's pizza dough.  It is already prepared and comes in whole wheat, rosemary and your traditional white flour.  I even buy three or four of them at a time and keep them in my freezer for a last minute meal.  They defrost very quickly. 

This particular night, I only had the ingredients that you see above:

Whole wheat pizza dough
Olive oil
Sun dried tomatoes
Classico's Pesto
Purple onion - Sliced
Colby Jack Cheese (I didn't even have mozzarella!)

I rolled out my pizza dough on a cutting board making sure I covered it with flour so that it didn't stick to the rolling pin or the board.  Sprinkled olive oil on the top, spread my pesto, put the sun dried tomatoes and onion slices on top and then sprinkled the cheese to cover the whole thing.  Put it into the oven at 375 degrees and baked it until the cheese melted and the crust had a nice brown color.  Served it with salad.  My carnivore husband didn't even mind that it didn't have meat on it.

The best thing about making pizza is that you could put ANYTHING on it.  Do you have leftover chicken?  Ground beef?  Broccoli?  The possibilities are endless! 

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