Thursday, February 17, 2011

Divine Moment....At the DMV

As I approached the counter I saw her fumbling over her papers.  To my surprise, she was trying to figure out which Betty Boop sticker to put on her stapler.  This put me at ease as I was at the DMV to process some paperwork for my Dad and wasn't sure how I would be received.  The woman who helped me was very endearing as she asked me what my Dad's needs were.   She was surprised to read on the paperwork and that he has leukemia.  Eleven years this month, she had lost her Mother to leukemia.

She recounted the story as if it were just yesterday.  How she and her 7 siblings came together to support their Mother who was given only 3 months to live.  How her Mother lived passionately and wanted her children to celebrate passionately at her memorial service.  Her request was that they all wear red.  As she processed my request, she took the time to share her entire story with me.  It was a blessing to hear her encouragements.  Her Mother actually lived 8 months from the time the doctors had given her. 

I told her how much I had appreciated her story and asked her where she stood with Jesus.  She told me that the Lord used these difficult trials to draw her into a relationship with Him.  I thanked her and rejoiced that the Lord had put someone in my path that could share with me in my time of trouble.  Divinity could happen anywhere, even at the DMV.

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