Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 - Chicken Fajitas

1lb.     Chicken breasts
1pkg.  Taco seasoning
Salt & pepper to taste
1         Green bell pepper sliced into thin strips
1         Red bell pepper sliced into thin strips
1         Yellow bell pepper sliced into thin strips
1/2      Onion cut into thin strips
10       Tortillas (Flour or corn)
Sour cream
Grated cheese
(Any other toppings you would like to put on your fajitas)

Cut up your chicken breasts into 1 inch pieces. 
I actually ask the butchers to do all my cutting for me.  They will cut up your chicken into fajita-sized pieces and slice you chicken breasts thin.  They run when they see me coming cuz they know I'm going to put them to work.
Slice your bell peppers and onions into strips.  Don't you just love the colors?  Add 2Tbsps of oil into a frying pan and combine your chicken and veggies over medium heat.  Add the package of taco seasoning.  I actually make my own but adding the pre-made seasoning cuts out the time. 
For my toppings I did avocado, grated cheese and plain yogurt.  I'm always trying to sneak healthy alternatives into our dinners.  My husband didn't even notice!  Served with rice and beans. 
*For a gluten free version - leave the tortillas out and serve everything over the rice!

You can read about my inspiration for cooking here.

This 31 Days of Cooking with Chicken was inspired by the Nester.  She's doing 31 days of Lovely Limitations and has over 700 inspirational people linked up with her to do 31 days of topics.

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