Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming Back Around

I saw a great deal on tomatoes this week.  So I decided to do my grocery shopping at a supermarket that I do not usually shop at.  As I was on my way out the door, I spotted someone that looked familiar to me infront of the Redbox.  For the first 2 minutes we did the whole: "Do I know you from somewhere?"  "You look familiar to me."  "What highschool did you go to?"  Then it donned on her.  "I met you at another grocery store and you asked me if I knew Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior."  I had told her about my endeavor to share the gospel with at least one person a day after I had found out that she was already a believer.  I have not been able to share every single day like I would like to, but that meeting encouraged me to keep going.   

Lord Jesus, help me to continue to share Your good news with those around me.  Remind me that I am a missionary here in my own hometown. 


  1. Christy you are an amazing writer, inspirer, friend, and sister in Christ. You encourage me everytime I read one of your new blogs and I am just so amaZed at all that you are doing in this season and I tell myself ' wow! This is my old next door neighbor and my friend for years but you are part of my new inspiration to share the love of Jesus Christ!! I love you Chris!
    Ang :)

  2. Miss having you next door Angie. You're pretty inspirational yourself.