Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 13:: Sharing Tools: Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

"Do you know what I notice about you Christians?  You always want to tell others about your religion, but you know nothing about what other people believe!"  He made this statement to me on a flight from Japan to Los Angeles.  After visiting family in Bangledesh, he was making his way back to Texas where he was currently living.  The 12 hour flight afforded us time to talk about many things, including the gospel of Christ and Islam.  The truth of his words stung at first, but then fueled a desire in me to learn as much as I could about other religions.

In the next couple of weeks, Calvary Chapel La Habra will be hosting a truth series during their Sunday and Wednesday night services.  If you are in the area, services begin at 9am and 11am on Sunday mornings and 7pm on Wednesday nights.  If you are not in the area, you can watch live here during service times.  If you are unavailable during those times, services will be archived here.

 This is another way that we could equip ourselves to share the gospel with others!

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