Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 9:: He Was Clearly Offended

He was clearly offended when I told him that my daughter was praying for his salvation.  How you could reject the prayer of a sweet, three year old little girl is beyond me, but that was Jorge, our mailman, and professing atheist.  We started sharing with him in the winter of 2011 and continued until we moved away in the summer of the next year.

Friendly and inquisitive, it was always very easy to talk to Jorge.  My family grew to have an affinity for him and he to us, so it was not difficult to share with him even though we definitely had differing opinions about whether or not God existed.  We got as far in our conversations as to the root of why he did not believe in God, but never had enough time to truly hear the complete account.  He alluded to a war that he had fought in and the suffering that he witnessed.  How could God allow such horrible atrocities?

There was a time when he did resentfully ask me why I talk to him about Jesus even though he told me he was an atheist.  I simply told him what I shared on Day 8.  I fear not taking the opportunity to give someone I see so regularly, the chance to hear the gospel of Christ and secure their eternal salvation.

We still see Jorge from time to time when we are in the old neighborhood and we continue to pray for him.  

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